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The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

Hello, my name is Richard and this is my new blog. I own a large business located in Australia. We were very successful in domestic markets so I decided I would like to expand into international markets. Unfortunately, I had no knowledge or experience about how I could do this. My business partner suggested that I hire a consultant who could support the company as we make this transition. The consultant was really helpful and my business now trades in Asia and Europe and our profits have grown by over 200 percent. I hope you find my blog useful and helpful.


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3 Main Business Growth Areas for Recruiting Agencies

With Australian staffing agencies making $11 billion every year, coupled with the fact that about 6,900 recruiters support the industry, it is right to conclude that the industry is doing pretty well. However, with such growth comes competition; therefore, agencies must devise ways of meeting the increasing client demands because it is the only way they can stay toe-to-toe with the competition. Since most employment agencies serve customers in various sectors, an agency's choice of industry specialisation plays a significant role in its overall performance. In this article, recruiters will get information on the best performing sectors with regards to job creation staffing needs.

Construction -- The increased demand for office, retail and industrial space has over the last couple of years continued to grow steadily, thereby reflecting increased business investments. Additionally, according to the Australian Construction Industry Forum, the Australian population is growing at a rate that surpasses forecasted trends. Therefore, the need for quality buildings has become real. Notably, projections indicate that the construction industry will attract more workers to fill in the deficit. The projected success in the construction industry will drive employment, and so recruiting agencies should be approaching players in the construction industry with zeal.

Healthcare -- First and foremost, healthcare in Australia is considered a people business. It might explain why approximately 75% of total cost in the healthcare sector is invested in people and staff. However, with unprecedented population growth as well as an increasing number of old people living privately or in retirement estates, the need for more healthcare workers is glaring. While the continued growth of the sector poses some challenges to the government and private healthcare providers, it is an opportunity that recruiters cannot let go. As a staffing agency, you need to focus your attention on this industry over the coming years as healthcare providers try to match quality service with adequate staffing.

Higher Education -- With employers looking to recruit a skilled workforce that can meet business challenges in the 21st century, the need for a more consumer-driven higher education sector has never been more pragmatic. However, one problem the education sector has been facing over the last couple of years is that about one-quarter of its total teaching staff is aged above 55 years. Since globalisation has become a significant part of life, higher education institutions need a workforce that can understand the complexities involved in a modern world. It means that the age of higher education teaching staff needs to come down, which can only be achieved by recruiting younger staff. Staffing agencies should see the trend as an opportunity for business growth.